Gay Boy Michael Sam Not Much Of A Player, Is A Prima Donna

Of course we all heard from the fascist gay activists and their liberal counterparts that Michael Sam was being discriminated against, kept out of the league because he’s gay and all the rest of the blathering idiocy from the left, when the fact of the matter is, he’s no good, and he can’t play at the pro level. Liberals of course think the NFL should lower the standards so that…


Top Scientist Testifies Before Senate: Climate Change Is NOT Real

Most of us know there is no such thing as climate change and that only the stupid believe there is. The stupid and the ideological. We know that climate change, formerly known as global warming was and is nothing but a theory filled with holes, and just like global cooling, not one doom and gloom prediction has come true. It’s nothing but a political issue designed for more government control,…

The obligatory “feds raid Subway spokesman Jared Fogle’s home allegedly in connection with child porn probe” post

This is the only thing Twitter seems to want to talk about on this slow-news summer morning, replete with various crummy jokes about the “five-dollar footlongs” Fogle might soon be encountering in prison, so here’s your thread in case you’re following it too. I think I speak for all of America in saying that if […] Read this post »

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Twin Cities-bound flight returns to Charlotte after reported security threat

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An American Airlines flight bound for the Twin Cities from Charlotte, North Carolina, had to return to its starting point Monday night due to an “undisclosed security threat,” CBS News reports. American Flight 1865, with 178 passengers aboard, took off from Charlotte-Douglas International Airport at 8:43 p.m., and was only in the air for 24 minutes before it landed at the same airport…

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Air pollution alert expanded to all of MN; Twin Cities air is worse than Beijing

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View from my window @MnPCA Hdqtrs in St Paul — visibility 1.5mi at best due #CanadaFireSmoke #MnWx @NWSTwinCities — Daniel Dix (@DDwx) July 6, 2015 The air quality throughout Minnesota has gotten worse over the course of the day Monday, because of smoke blowing in from Canadian forest fires. The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency upgraded its air pollution health alert Monday afternoon…